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For the last 50 years 

Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences 

was known as 

Liaquat Medical College, Jamshoro



      Located in the province of Sindh on the right bank of river Indus at Jamshoro. It is 160 km north from the port city of Karachi and 16 km from the historical city of Hyderabad.


*    Started as a Medical School in 1881.

*    Raised to the status of a Medical College in 1942.

*    Named as Liaquat Medical College in 1951.

*    Foundation Stone of Jamshoro Campus laid down in 1954.

*    Shifting to Jamshoro Campus completed in 1963.

*    Beginning of Postgraduate Courses in 1963.

*    Dental Section & BDS Course added in 1963.  

*    Atomic Energy Medical Center established in 1965.

*    Eye Hospital at Hyderabad started functioning in 1967.

*   Sir C. J. Institute of Psychiatry Hyderabad established in 1967.

*   New indoor building complex constructed at LMCH Hyderabad in 1972.

*   Regional Office of PMRC established in 1980.

*   Dewan Mushtaque Coronary Care Unit established at Hyderabad in 1982.

*   Establishment of Cancer Ward at Jamshoro in 1988.

*   Raised to the status of Postgraduate Institute in 1989.

*   Audio-visual Library added in 1989.   

*   Computer Section established in 1989.

*   Regional Office of CPSP established in 1991.

*   New blocks for Urology, Haemodialysis, Cardiology and Paediatrics indoor patients constructed at Hyderabad in 1992.

*  Department of Medical Education established in 1995.

Teaching Aid Laboratory established in 1995.

*   ICU at City Branch started in 1998.

*   College of Nursing established in 1999.

*   ICU at Jamshoro campus started in 2000.

*   Computer Literacy Center & Internet Facilities established in 2000.

*   Foundation Stone of Colonel Najeeb Khan Sports Stadium laid-down in 2000.

*   Up-gradation of Medical College to a Medical University on 21st January 2001

*   New block for Community & Forensic Medicine in 2001

*   Gynaecology Unit-IV, new ward at Jamshoro started in 2001

*   New Research & Diagnostic Pathology Laboratory started functioning at Civil Hospital  Hyderabad Branch in 2002.







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